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Stay True 2 You

Semi-Colon Song Art

Semi-Colon Song Art

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I designed and made Popular Monster for myself when I was going through one of the hardest times in my life. This song was one that truly spoke to me in the way I had been feeling and I knew I had to make it into a song piece! It hangs in my office to remind me every day that I am stronger than that popular monster and will get through it! This particular song will come on a 16x20in frame. The song is too long to put on anything smaller and be legible.

-Upon suggestion, I designed the same for the Suicide Hotline Song. I have not had the chance to make it yet so it is just a mock-up picture, but it will be on an 8x20in frame. Due to the length of the song and shape of the design, that frame size will fit it best! 

-You can send me any other song request to have put in the shape of a semi-colon. Your choice of color for the Title. 

-Frame is black.

**I will be in touch and send a mock-up to be sure you like the set up and colors before proceeding with the order.

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