Collection: Songs

The perfect gift for anyone, on any occasion! Very popular for anniversaries or weddings.  Songs are one of my favorite items to do. They each challenge me in their own way, but they always come out so beautiful and different from the last! A song was the first item I sold that made me want to start a business, the joy my customers get when seeing their wedding song, brings me all the joy I could ask for! The first one I did was for my husband with our wedding song, I didn't add the title, so he had to read a bit to see what it was and not far into it he got a big smile on his face, it was amazing! They've been my most popular product for any occasion.

Choose the product by the shape the song is in, then from there, in the customize section, include your song choice, with the artists name, and the color you wish to have the title in. I will be in touch with a mock-up to be sure you like how the set up and colors look. All items are made to order, in the order received, so please allow up to 2 weeks turnaround time depending on how many orders are ahead of yours.